Update: The Ministry is moving!!!!

Im quite excited to be writing this post even though this is the second time im writing it. The post just refused to save in drafts 😢.

So a few things!!

1) I purchased a domain name. So show some love on Becomingyeva 🙂 you’ll notice that its still under construction but in less than a week, this blog will be moving there. Which is very very soon, so update your links Asap. I dont know why I didn’t start with a self hosted blog from the beginning as moving now is just unnecessary stress but better late than never abi !!!

2) my PiggyBankNG post got featured on linda ikeji!!! Yaaasssss!!!.
I honestly didn’t anticipate the feedback i have gotten from this post… i got featured on a couple of tech blogs organically and the PiggyBankNG guys decided to use my story on some of their sponsored posts. Feels really good 😊.  This has encouraged me to write more valuable content.

In a related note, i have a really good feelings about this blog. 50 followers and almost 1000 views in 3 months. Might be tiny for some but baby steps.

Im taking digital marketing courses and might pick up programming because of this blog.. which is good personal development for me.

So all in all,

I dont want to create blog goals so i dont put undue pressure on myself and blog for the sake of numbers… I’ll like this to continue to grow organically for now.

3) in sad news, I misplaced my Cassiedaves blog planner and thats one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while.. like i had composed all my posts till August and had everything all planned out.


It could get disappointing when you plan and something disrupts your grand plan but you know, all things work together for Good for them who trust in the lord!!

so ladies and Gentle men!!!!! check out Becomingyeva.com my new online baby!! and let me know what you think below… 🙂



3 Replies to “Update: The Ministry is moving!!!!”

  1. I stumbled across this blog about 3 weeks ago, and I’m loving it. Found out we have very similar mentalities when it comes to finance. I’m liking your new blog look as well.

    I’ve been considering a personal finance blog for a while as I’ve learned so many things about finance and entrepreneurship, and would love to help out my fellow millennials. I’m based in 3 countries (LOL), so my journey is very interesting 🙂

    Looking forward to more blog posts!


    1. Yay!!!!!! welcome kindred spirit.. lol
      Hope you’ve subscribed o.
      Please start your blog asap.. the world need your experience/ knowledge ..
      you are also welcome to do a guest post here whenever you are ready.. 🙂


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