The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu book Review.


img_2671In the spirit of being a smart money woman, a friend passed on this book to me to read and I finished reading it that same day.

I had to send a few screenshots to a male friend who’s not so smart with money and wont be caught dead holding a book that’s clearly targeted at women.

I was going to buy the book at the SLAY Festival but God works in mysterious ways… đŸ™‚

My review: is now live on my new blog as i am deleting this blog soon…

check it out here

To compensate you, i am also giving out a free eBook for readers referred from this page.. (cos i also don’t like clicking unnecessary links)..

just read the post, and comment that you want the free eBook with your email address and viola!!!!


Let me know below!!


2 Replies to “The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu book Review.”

  1. for a while, I have been deliberating whether or not to buy this book. Even after reading the excerpts, I still was not totally convinced that I should spend 10 pounds buying it. But your review has helped to make a decision – I am definitely getting it.


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