How I saved 1 million Naira using


Yep, my title is correct.
I just completed my task of saving 1 million Naira using and i am vey proud of myself.

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As I said in a previous post, I have always been a careful spender, but that didnt stop the breeze from carrying my money away.. I would calculate how much i was earning, how much I thought I was spending and how much I was actually saving and I wouldnt be able to  account for the difference. I used to delete my bank statements because i didnt want to face the truth… 😢.  Not Anymore!!

In my last Post, I wrote about how i was able to save and even earn more last year and PiggyBankNG was very instrumental to that.i only discovered that after i had collated all my buckets of funds. Well, it looks like they have been responsible for saving me about 1 million Naira.

So what is ?


They are a website/ service that help you save your money. Fullstop.

You sign up, set your target, connect your atm and just forget about it till whenever.

They don’ disturb you with alerts so you can actually forget them (till you check your email sha) . They have only 4 days in the year you can withdraw your money and you get penalized if you withdraw on any other day.

Another attractive thing is they even give you a tiny interest for saving your money. (Up to 4% Annual Interest not alot but this is not an invenstment program) There are No deposit and Monthly fees.

Heres the thing about saving money, don’t save for the sake of saving, save towards something or towards investing into something else.

I am saving for 3 reasons:

  1. Down payment on a new car, so that I can have enough money to add to the money ill get when I sell my old car.
  2. Mutual funds: to serve as a passive form of income. Which after a while ill take the money to do number 3.
  3. Buy land in Ajah or participate in the Lagos Government housing scheme.

Technically I need more than 1 million Naira for all these but at least i am taking visible baby steps. The dream is getting closer to reality. I can see all my savings in one place.

Heres how i did mine:

I started saving with Piggybank sometime last year and I picked the option of saving 25k every week to run for 10 months. You can pick any other option you want. You can save 1k everyday or every week. You set your own budget.

I connected my withdrawal and deposit accounts and basically just followed the instructions on the website.

You can save for a friend or use quick savings when you have extra cash you want to quickly deposit there before your brain starts telling you to do otherwise. If you don’t have cash in your account, they kinda pause the system which now starts again when you have money. You dont get penalized for not having money.

See their FAQ page here:

It’s not MMM so don’t expect to get rich off it. Use it funds you really want to set aside fo something later on.

Note: I have a friend who works with PiggyBankNG but all opinions are mine and i wasnt paid for this post.

Would you like to try this?

Have you tried them before? What was your experience?

Oya share below:


24 Replies to “How I saved 1 million Naira using”

  1. Sounds interesting.. Until u remember the mmm mannequin challenge and decide to just keep the cash in your savings account

    Am not saying it’s not a great idea.. But…


    1. lol funny you, but they are not promising you any money, they are just keeping your money for u and punishing you if decide to be stubborn and touch the money, I just started using them, though I wish I started earlier. I would encourage ppl to do it.. cuz I just sit and smile as I see my virtual acct increase and know if it reduces I will get punished.


  2. I saw the title and i was like “ehn? 1 million?, Lade see your life” loool Saving is such a task for spenders like me because i’m telling myself save, but i’m also telling myself -stunt on these niggas. haha but yeah, i started saving this year and its looking good. I will check out piggybank.

    Great post and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  3. I recently registered for thanks to my cousin and I’m loving it. I don’t even plan on touching the money at all till like after two years lool!
    Great post here too.

    I’m a Web /blog designer just incase you are ready to revamp your blog.


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