How I saved 1 million Naira using

Yep, my title is correct.
I just completed my task of saving 1 million Naira using and i am vey proud of myself.

so heres the deal, i still get a lot of views and clicks to this page because of the amount of backlinks i have to it but i have a complete and updated review on my site,

go straight to my piggy bank post here

Why don’t you read the complete and updated post here

i know I know… you don’t like clicking links… i don’t like it too…  i am sorry to make you do this..  really sorry but i am deleting this site soon and i have the exact same post on my new updated blog!!!

As I said in a previous post, I have always been a careful spender, but that didnt stop the breeze from carrying my money away.. I would calculate how much i was earning, how much I thought I was spending and how much I was actually saving and I wouldnt be able to  account for the difference. I used to delete my bank statements because i didnt want to face the truth… 😢.  Not Anymore!!

In my last Post, I wrote about how i was able to save and even earn more last year and PiggyBankNG was very instrumental to that.i only discovered that after i had collated all my buckets of funds. Well, it looks like they have been responsible for saving me about 1 million Naira.

So what is ?

find out more here.

you know what, ill also include a freebie.. when you sign up for piggybank you get a free gift from me.. Find out how here




24 Replies to “How I saved 1 million Naira using”

  1. Sounds interesting.. Until u remember the mmm mannequin challenge and decide to just keep the cash in your savings account

    Am not saying it’s not a great idea.. But…


    1. lol funny you, but they are not promising you any money, they are just keeping your money for u and punishing you if decide to be stubborn and touch the money, I just started using them, though I wish I started earlier. I would encourage ppl to do it.. cuz I just sit and smile as I see my virtual acct increase and know if it reduces I will get punished.


  2. I saw the title and i was like “ehn? 1 million?, Lade see your life” loool Saving is such a task for spenders like me because i’m telling myself save, but i’m also telling myself -stunt on these niggas. haha but yeah, i started saving this year and its looking good. I will check out piggybank.

    Great post and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  3. I recently registered for thanks to my cousin and I’m loving it. I don’t even plan on touching the money at all till like after two years lool!
    Great post here too.

    I’m a Web /blog designer just incase you are ready to revamp your blog.


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