How i made more money without knowing, in a recession. 

Yep, my title is correct. I calculated my savings and networth and i was worth more than I expected.

You see, I am a frugal person, but that doesn’t mean I have always had control  over where my money goes. It got so bad in 2015 that i knew i had to change something in 2016.!

I noticed this after I calculated how much my company was paying me every year, how much I thought I was spending and how much I was actually saving and I couldn’t account for the difference.

That was when I realized I had to take some basic financial steps to correct this. This is a pretty long list and i had a longer one but i decided to blog about the steps i actually took so i can proudly say I learnt from experience. i didnt do every activity at once o.. but i tried most of it in 2016 and will retry it in 2017.

Lets get to it on my new site here...


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13 Replies to “How i made more money without knowing, in a recession. ”

  1. This is so good, Yeva. Thank you for sharing.
    I’ll definitely come back to re-read this, for starters.
    Trying to be smarter about my money this year. Reading Smart Money Woman at the moment, but I’m still on Chapter 2.
    Currently putting my savings in an ARM Money Market Fund until I figure out what exactly to do with them, whether I’d get more returns with the Stanbic fund, or some other fund. I use Wally to track my expenses, and it’s been interesting so far.
    I really want to read that Part 2 post! 🙂

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