I went for the she leads africa Slay festival Lagos and I have mixed feelings.

when I saw the Instagram post for the slay festival,I knew I was going to go.

Anytime i hear training, meeting people, food, cool people. I just get very happy.

then I saw the date on my birthday and I started getting unsure but thanks to the she leads africa marketing team/agency.. plus the fact that i didnt have any birthday plans, i went.

I have to give it to them, their marketing was really onpoint, I mean they were everywhere. Newspapers, blogs, social media, whatsapp!!! I mean.. a round of applause. I need their team for my next campaign.

I actually said to myself that I wont go for over marketed  or over hyped events this year, not because of the organizers but for personal reasons and this event didn’t prove my hypotesis wrong.

First of all,  I prefer intimate events where I have an idea of who’s there, do I fit in with the audience, are the speakers speaking to my needs etc. these are the things i usually look for but for the #slayfestival, when i saw TFD and her husband FD.. i was sold(silly me didn’t cross check the time)

If you want to read the rest of the post…. please visit my new site as i am deleting this one soon..  its www.becomingyeva.com i only moved from .wordpress.com to full .com

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7 Replies to “I went for the she leads africa Slay festival Lagos and I have mixed feelings.”

  1. Hi.
    Lol. Just like my review.

    They really didn’t get everything right. But they did their best to act like all was well, lol which is good.

    And we shld all learn a thing or two from their social media hype.

    I like how yu concluded it with words of encouragement. Weldone.


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